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Work from home has become the new normal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Creating a remote digital workspace that favors employee engagement, teamwork and collaboration may seem like a complex change to pull off from the business perspective, but it is an unstoppable trend.

Learn how the right technology can optimize business operations and increase team productivity and efficiency by looking into:

The challenges of the modern workplace
The advantages of cloud technology
The ways to digitalize the remote workspace
Benefits of Checkin 365 app in remote workspace

During the past few months COVID-19 has reshaped the way we work, which has led organizations to quickly adapt to new technologies to support a more digital workplace. And while remote work is not a new concept, the pandemic gave it a totally different perspective and sense of urgency. As remote teams become more demanding, dynamic and diverse, SMBs want to collaborate in real time with partners, vendors, and customers.

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